Mineral County Emergency Services is an extension of the Mineral County Commission. Mineral County Emergency Services has three departments that include 911, Emergency Management and Mapping & Addressing. Mineral County Emergency Services employs 15 full-time staff and one part-time contractor. The goal of Mineral County Emergency Services is to keep the county as safe as possible by providing services in the critical mission areas of prevention, protection, mitigation, response and recovery.

Services We Offer

Mineral County Emergency Management is constantly working to ensure that Mineral County is prepared for disasters. 

Mineral County 911 was established in 1991 and has grown rapidly since its inception.


Mineral County Mapping & Addressing is responsible for all of the 911 addressing in Mineral County.


Nixle is a Community Information Service dedicated to helping you stay connected to the information that matters most to you, depending on your physical location. Mineral County Emergency Services will keep you up to date with important information concerning weather alerts, road closures, IT issues and much more. The Nixle service is built on the most secure, reliable, and high-speed distribution platform, ensuring that you receive trusted and immediate, geographically relevant information. Information is immediately available over your cell phone by text message, by email, and over the web. Your account can be customized so you receive the information that matters most to you. Whether it is where you live, work, or have friends or family throughout the country, the information is immediately available to you over your mobile phone, email and computer. We have made it easy for you to sign up. Just fill out the form below to start getting alerts affecting our county.

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