Building Permits

(Now located at the Mineral County Health Department)

Building permits are required for ALL residential, recreation/vacation, agriculture, and commercial construction improvements that will be erected, enlarged, moved, altered or remodeled. This includes the following:

  • Residential/commercial (Site built/manufactured)
  • Additions to residential/commercial property
  • Assembled Kits
  • Shed, deck, pool, barn, garage
  • Demolition or removal of any improvement
  • New and existing home/commercial permits require proof of septic approval from the Mineral County Health Department or sewage service from the Public Service Commission. Permits will not be issued without this information
  • Improvements located in the regulatory floodplain may or may not be approved depending on FEMA requirements for construction; it is critical that no construction be started without written authorization from the Planning Department

If you have already started building you need to come to the Mineral County Health Department immediately and apply for a building permit. Any property owner not complying will be reported to the Prosecuting Attorney for further action or possible back taxes.

Mineral County building permit applications, approvals and issuance will be coordinated through the Mineral County Health Department. The effective date of this change is 9/3/2019 .

City Building permits are required for any improvements made within the city limits. Contact your city hall for information on obtaining a city building permit.


Demolition Permit

For removal of any improvement is needed in order to remove the value from the tax records (No Charge).

Building Permit Fee Schedule (Effective August 2019)
Residential Construction Value
Commercial Construction Value
All fees are made payable to the Mineral County Health Department

Building and Demolition Permit Application

To apply, stop by the Mineral County Health Department today!